Big Data Insights

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FingerMotion delivers big data enabled insurance solutions through its Big Data Insights arm "Sapientus".

Our strategic partnerships with the largest Chinese telecommunication giants allow us to uncover behavioral insights by combining high frequency geolocation and mobile usage data with auxiliary contextual information, enabling data-driven solutions to power consumers and businesses with transformative and impactful value creation.


What our Big Data can do



Our Score, your Safeguard!


Targeted customer segmentation based on unique behavioral insights


Seamless insurance purchase made possible


Personalizing products & services through granular persona analysis



Big Data Insights

Integrative with other auxiliary data for continual honing and fine-tuning.

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Simplified Underwriting

Continuous access to stream of live telco data which helps to make insurance purchase faster and easier.

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Claimant Scoring

With built-in risk segmentation and predictive modelling criteria, our platform can quickly provide you with fraud risk scores for your insurance claimants.

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Analytical Framework

Sharpen customer insights.

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Our proprietary analytic framework is constructed upon a modular block structure that offers abundant flexibility and adaptability. This building block structure is both robust and malleable, allowing us to dynamically expand, reconfigure and reassemble our data elements and analytic factors along evolving dimensions to develop and form new connections.

The underlying dataset is live and growing, as we continue to incorporate updated information and diversify our sources. As such, it is highly integrative to accommodate customized requirements and generate unique consumer insights, enabling depiction of individual characteristics and behaviors with vast innovation potential.