Investor Relation


FingerMotion, Inc. (NASDAQ:FNGR) (the "Company" or "FingerMotion"), a mobile services and data company, today provided an update on its Big Data subsidiary branded Sapientus. Highlights include the following:

1. Big Data models are well positioned for commercialization in the coming year. Sapientus expects to engage more partners for commercial applications and expanded use cases.

2. Existing partners are in the integration phase, gradually ramping up adoption, and are expected to transition to large scale commercialization phase in the next 2-3 years.

3. Big Data product modules are evolving at an ever-increasing pace, with insurance modules expected to move beyond underwriting and risk management to sales and customer engagements. In addition, a growing number of modules that extend beyond insurance will be designed and structured if well aligned.

4. As developmental milestones are reached from these innovations, the Company looks to move from per-usage charges to profit sharing and/or commission-based arrangements.