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FingerMotion, Inc. (NASDAQ:FNGR) (the "Company" or "FingerMotion"), a mobile services and data company, today announced that its contractually controlled subsidiary, Shanghai JuiGe Information Technology Co., Ltd. ("JiuGe Technology") has ventured into the development of crisis and emergency response solutions specifically for collaboration with dispatchers, first-responders and healthcare agencies in the event of emergency situations in China. JiuGe Technology has received its first order for its Advanced Mobile Integrated Command and Communication Platform ("C2 Platform"), to be installed in all vehicles and apparatuses involved in the country's civil emergency crisis program.

The C2 Platform is designed to efficiently unify various disaster communication systems, such as emergency vehicles, satellites, mobile cell towers and unmanned aerial vehicles. The platform integrates voice, video, and data into a unified interface, streamlining workflows and offering comprehensive insights for enhanced decision-making with better focus, accuracy and speed.

The C2 Platform is expected to be initially installed into the Mobile Command and Communication Vehicle ("Vehicle"), a technological collaboration with SAIC Motor Corp., Ltd. These Vehicles are equipped with integrated audio and video conference systems, providing seamless communications with satellite systems, video systems (including live video streaming from drones), and other radio communication networks, ensuring accurate data is transmitted in real-time between incident sites and emergency response centres. This will provide the federal, provincial and local emergency response centres with enhanced real-time visibility to access, assess and analyse the situation at remote sites, allowing for quick decision-making and effective resource management.

Driven by the PRC's nationwide initiative to improve response capabilities for crisis and emergency situations, demand for both the C2 Platform and the Vehicles have dramatically increased. The first contract with Zhejiang province is for two Vehicles, and JiuGe Technology has already been engaged by local authorities in Zhejiang and other provinces to install the C2 Platform in more Vehicles to be purchased for additional areas. This marks a significant milestone in FingerMotion's commitment to expanding the Company's suite of technology products and services in and outside of China.